Dramatic Changes in How "Work" is Accomplished. What does it mean for the future of work f

Much of what I have been conerned about and written about in books and blogs has focused on the almost invisible changes in how work is accomplished. Few economists seemed concerned, but the speculations of global warming gets plenty of press.

The flex disruption of technology and automation is creating fewer higher paying jobs requiring higher skills and education than before. The results is more middle or low skills jobs and more folks with higher educations competing for them. A higher population of available workers NOT working, which puts a greater burden on taxpayers and drags our economy down. While the BLS may report that unemployment has steadily declined, government jobs and lower paying jobs have increased. More importantly our gross domestic products (GDP), the most impartant measure of econoomic growth has declined and may even go negative by the end of 2015.

Take a few minute to get a summary of what has been happening and why. Click on the photo.

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