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Gaining agility in volatile global markets is more than just high drama . . . it's usually about big challenges with high risk. 

Current Data Points | Gig Economy

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Despite legal issues of worker misclassification, political policy intervention, and technology automation, the use of blending full-time employees with a revolving door of on-demand specialized workers continues unabated. Our job is to make sense of it so you, our readers, can benefit and share the path forward.  

Solving CHAOS WITH GIG Talent

Many HR and C-suite executives have had difficulty grasping global changes and the use of on-demand workers/talent and the impact this process model can have on business success. With a COVID19 stay at home protective protocol, millions of workers and their employers are experiencing remote working from home. This revelation will change the opportunities to work from home as more than an option.

Our mission is to bring clarity and definition to the value of the blended workforce and why/how the gig economy will march forward with or without our adjusting to it. You may not read it here first, but for comprehension and connecting the dots to work for you is what we hope you will find here.

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