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How I became an expert in Workforce Strategy

I am a native of Iowa. My grandfather's father came to America through Ellis Island from Ireland to escape famine. My father's ancestry dates back to 1683 in Krefeld Palatinate, Normandy near the Rhine River. I grew up in a small town in Iowa on Mississippi River, but spent summers on my relatives' farms in southwest Iowa, better known then as "tornado alley."


After high school, then college at Kansas University, and piloting Navy helicopters during the Vietnam era, I embarked on a newspaper publishing career studying Journalism and Marketing at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  I rose through the ranks as a newspaper business executive in thirteen years for the Des Moines Register, Chicago Tribune, Charlotte Observer, and Memphis Commercial Appeal.  I've also been an entrepreneur in several capacities and worked with companies that designed and installed large data centers and network command center technologies. That led me to train and coach the use of those enterprise technologies -- a franchised technical training facility (actually two) in Atlanta where we hosted as many as 30,000 enterprise learners from all industries from around the world annually. On-Sight, instructor-led training for enterprise software preceded the many forms of now widely used online training technologies. You could say I'm old school but have been known to envision the future in the application of technology.


With this worldwide exposure to a wide range of executives, IT specialists, HR, and training leaders, I was suddenly aware of task automation, robotics, and the role of on-demand talent. Add in Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning, and you have technology outpacing available human talent skills leading to possible singularity.


How would all this affect workforce training for the skills necessary to keep pace? More importantly, how would this affect the ability of my grandchildren and their grandchildren to have the same opportunities which were available to me? As I began to research these concerns more closely, the more I learned a tectonic shift was underway creating a business-killing tsunami that would bring sweeping changes to how work is accomplished.   


Using research and a pen name, I authored "BOOMERVILLE: Getting off the Corporate Merry-Go-Round," a surprising look at how work will be organized and accomplished in the new "Gig Economy" and the impact of 60 million baby boomers leaving the permanent workforce.  My work-life experience plus months of research and due diligence were combined in developing this book.  


These revelations and the revealing story behind them shows how we got here and how we can contribute toward maximizing opportunities in our economy.

"BOOMERVILLE: Getting Off the Corporate Merry-Go-Round" is available online at most booksellers including  Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


I have spoken at trade conferences, local business associations, industry conferences, and events on these life learned subjects over the last three decades. 


I am also the publisher of Quarterly Gig Reports. Specialized Editions for freelancers and freelance users.

The Gig Doctor

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